Part 2: This Damned Body is Carved Out of Meat

August 28th, 2015 @ 8:00pm, 29th @ 7:30pm/10:00pm, 30th @ 8:00pm

MAAS Building (1325 N Randolph Street, Philadelphia)

Pay What You Can, $10 - $15 recommended

It's a musical, but there's no singing. It's a concert, but with a human story. It is an art installation. It's voyeurism. It's a play. It's two queer lovers in a bathtub. One of them is almost suicidal, wearing the skin of a body that is alien and strange. The other is trying to keep them alive, and sacrificing a lot of themself to do it. Beautiful music weaves through their little bathtub and through their words. The world slowly becomes magic.

A spectacular concert of life.

Performance made possible by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund, The Swarthmore Project In Theater, and the following angels: Jocelyn Adams, Kathryn Adams, Ellie Bogdan, Emily Dolson, Caitlin Partridge, Katie Rydlizky, Alison Ryland, Benjamin Books Schwartz, and Andrew Taylor.

Images by Dave Garrett Sarrafian.

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