We are artists. Our only purpose in this city is to make art. If we do not make art, we worry we won’t be able to live. Art is the link between your humanity, spirituality, and the people around you. A reprieve from loneliness, maybe, hopefully. Art answers questions you didn’t know you needed to ask. It is our job to restore this power to art, and to open the eyes of the our audiences to art’s lost functions. We hope we’re up to the task.

We are theater artists. Our only function is to live in front of an audience, to live and breathe for them. If we do not make theater, we worry we will forget to breathe. Theater is not necessary anymore. It is an elitist diversion for the upper classes, not much more than entertainment. It is our job to fix everything ourselves, use theater’s unique power of direct, living presence to make the audience think, live, feel, live, question, live, dismiss, live, discover, and live forever. You will live forever.

We are a not at all tenuous group of theater artists from across America, tied together by a desire to make art for impractical reasons, like restoring the power of art itself. The love of the critics and the size of our audiences are not our primary concerns, but we want the whole city to come and see our plays, we want everyone who has ever lived to see our work. Our ambition is limitless but uncompromising. We are performers, humans, directors, humans, playwrights, humans, musicians, humans, designers, and breathing, eating, dying containers of stories. We make new work, and we make old work new. We do not get paid well though we deserve it, but art-making is utopia. We hope. We are young, and so far, we do not require comfort. Maybe the world is kind, and we never do.

We will always be guided by the principles of collaboration. No single voice is stronger than the group. Although, really, we all sacrifice utopia for efficiency everyday. We will always be guided by the principles of ambition. We will bite off more than we can chew. Although, really, we already have, and our hearts are beating furiously. We will always be guided by the principle of motley. There will be no stylistic unity, as anyone can direct a show, and each piece must be independent of the past and the future. Although, really, we carry the past in a cage in our ribs, and we hold the future hidden in the bulges of our cheeks. Our only true guiding light is our love for each other, and our love for the work and your love for us, please, give us your love, we need to be loved. Please. Love us. Love us. Love us. Love us. Love us. Love us. Without love, we are dust.

Love and art,