[redacted] Theater Company Presents:

This Damned Body

An Epic Performance Series

Performances made possible by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund, The Swarthmore Project In Theater, and the following angels: Jocelyn Adams, Kathryn Adams, Ellie Bogdan, Emily Dolson, Caitlin Partridge, Katie Rydlizky, Alison Ryland, Benjamin Books Schwartz, and Andrew Taylor.

Part 1: THIS DAMNED BODY: A Living Archive of Transformation

December 2014-January 2017, Online at thisdamnedbody.com, updated weekly

Swift is sick of her(sic) body. It’s wrong and strangely shaped and uncomfortably gendered and is growing hair that definitely belongs to someone else. He(sic) has an image of an androgynous, true, perfect body. A work of art, a home. Ze(sic) is taking hormones and burning hair follicles and tattooing skin in the pursuit of something real and true. And maybe they(sic) will be saved, by/from their own hand.

Every moment of Swift’s gender transition will be documented and shared for you to see. You only get a little, to start with (we don’t know you, we’re a little shy). As time passes, and we get to know you, we can get more intimate. Keep an eye on the clock. All things will be revealed in time.

Part 2: This Damned Body is Carved Out Of Meat

August 28th, 2015 @ 8:00pm, 29th @ 7:30pm/10:00pm, 30th @ 8:00pm

MAAS Building (1325 N Randolph Street, Philadelphia)

You leak. You get sick. You grow larger. You bleed. You hate that face in the mirror, those pimples, those wrinkles, that fat. Your face hates you too. In the absence of heaven, we are only meat. So we must revel in our baseness. We dance. And we sweat. We are not dirt yet.

A spectacular concert of life.

Part 3: This Damned Body is Going to Hell

August 2016, Location TBD

“Body and soul can never be married

I need to become who I already am and will bellow forever at this incongruity which has committed me to hell

Insoluble hoping cannot uphold me

I will drown in dysphoria”

A play on suicide, inspired by the writings of Sarah Kane.

Part 4: This Damned Body Is Coming Home

New Years Day, 2017, Home

The last day of the project. One performance. A homecoming. A moment of rest, of love. Hedonism. Joy.

A domestic performance of love.